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NOKIA Thermo

30 second product version


Steelcase SILQ Product Launch

Here is an example of collaboration at its best. Working a long day on stage, we filmed full product shots of many variations of the SILQ chair. Late in the day when we were crunched for time, we enlisted the help of DP Jefferey Cunningham to help pick off some detail shots and increase coverage of each chair.
Day two of production incorporated myself and Cunningham on A & B units as well as double shooting key scenes. The result of this collaboration is a more fully realized piece that captures the process of creation for the Steelcase design team.
For me, it was another confirmation of the pleasure I experience working with talented collaborators and subjects.

Netgear Arlo

Nokia Body Cardio

30 second product highlights

Adobe Typekit Marketplace

Product - Fade Lamp

Shutterfly / Behind the Scenes

Debug Fresno

Nokia Body Scale

30 second product highlights

Adobe Portrait / Sara Dietschy

The New Shutterfly


I was happy to be part of such a successful Kickstarter project. I love the idea of data driven technology and how it can benefit our lives, especially when its about a subject like running.

Adobe Portrait - Nicole Jaceck


HP Gadget

HP Mobilie Printing

Artist Portrait - Adobe / Randi Beach

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